A “Summer” in San Francisco

July 25, 2017 • Photography

For some reason, summer has always been a nostalgic season for me. I grew up on the East Coast so summer is the one and only season of freedom – even if warmer weather did occur in other seasons, they were always accompanied by chilly winds that can easily make anyone sick.

That’s exactly what happened more than two months ago. I got sick from the terrible spring weather in New York, then came back to San Francisco. And I haven’t gotten better.

There have been mornings when I woke up only to begin an hour-long coughing fit. There were nights I could not catch my breath from coughing and had to throw up. Some days I felt okay for unknown reasons, but I learned to not get too excited about it. My voice has been weak and unclear, and it’s affected my energy to spend time with people. My mom thinks I haven’t gotten better because I’m not used to the cold temperatures here. Most people cannot believe that the warmest time of the day here in the summer is only about 65°F (18.3°C). And it’s freezing at night because I still make the rookie mistake of forgetting my jacket at home.

I haven’t been well enough to have a lot of fun this summer, but I’ve tried to squeeze in whatever I can. Here’s what’s up in the last two months.

Sutro Baths, the ruins of a pool by the sea

My photography hobby is going strong! San Francisco is as picturesque as ever, because despite the cold temperatures caused by the ocean we still get the beautiful Californian sun.

Palace of Fine Arts, the best attraction in San Francisco in my opinion

My friends from New York visited me briefly. I finally got a good photo of me at the Palace of Fine Arts, a very romantic location in the city you can enjoy whether single or getting married. The first time I visited I tried asking other tourists to help me take photos, and somehow none of them even had the palace in the background. I don’t get it. Why would I ask for a picture of me with the sky?

San Mateo fair

I attended my first Californian fair! I’ve been to carnivals on the East Coast and they’re technically the same thing, but this one had more food and games than just rides, and also looked more like the kind of fair I’d see in movies. My friends and I decided to watch Wonder Woman after the fair and ended up staying out until 2AM. I think it’s now one of my favorite movies, because Wonder Woman is role model material.

humongous Corg in my arms

I’ve waited months for Corgi Con, and it happened to take place on a weekend when the first heat wave finally hit. That meant it was t-shirt weather on the beach, which is a huge deal! There were so many Corgis I had no idea which one to pet or take photos of. Some owners allowed us to hold their well-behaved doggies. I probably won’t go again though, unless I get a Corgi and want to make him Instagram famous.

Japantown (nihon machi)

Japantown is still my top visited location, because it’s located near my church. My friends and I usually go for lunch there every Sunday, kinda like how back in New York I would go to brunch with friends in the East Village every Sunday.

3-week old Peanut Cena

My roommates’ hamsters had babies, somehow two brown hamsters gave birth to the most adorable cream-colored baby! This is Peanut, one of two creamy ones in a litter of 9, and he’s super gentle! He fearlessly let me hold him when he was only 2 weeks old and looked like a tiny little peanut. He learned how to climb into my hand when he turned 3 weeks. He grows super fast and is much bigger now. His siblings still don’t let me come anywhere near them, so no wonder he’s the favorite.

houses in the East Bay

I visited another friend from New York who has relatives an hour out from the city towards the east (so, not Silicon Valley). I’ve never visited the East Bay before, but I was so excited because the weather there is very warm (over 100°F/40°C). The houses are very cute too. East Bay supposedly has the happiest population in the United States.

mighty Link

Speaking of video games, whenever I was not well enough to go out, I played Breath of the Wild. I still plan on writing more in detail about this game, but this photo essentially captures why this game is amazing. Horses are so 10,000 years ago (kudos if you get that joke), let’s ride a wild animal!

San Francisco Giants stadium

I also went to my first baseball game. I know, that’s weird since I’m from New York, but I’ve never been too interested in sports, and Yankee Stadium is too far away. A lot of my friends here are fans of the San Francisco Giants so we went as a group, which was fun even if I didn’t understand the game.

Matt Redman

I also got to see Matt Redman sing live! He’s a worship singer who sings some of my favorite songs. He led the worship of a conference I attended to learn about how I can make an impact in San Francisco. The city is home to some of the richest people in the country, but also some of the poorest. This gap is quite frightening.

I’m going to New York again tomorrow night! I got tickets months ago for the Games for Change Festival for next week. I’m also seeing some doctors about my health issues, and spending the rest of the week with family and friends. Here’s to a very short week of rest after a physically tough start to the summer!

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3 Comments to "A “Summer” in San Francisco"

cantaloupe wrote on 27th July 2017 at 9:00 AM

Sorry to hear about the sickness and the ankle! Hope that you heal up fully ASAP.


Cat wrote on 30th July 2017 at 1:10 PM

Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick and that you sprained your ankle! I hope you feel better soon!

I love all your summery photos. The one of Sutro Baths is beautiful, and I really like the photo of you at the Palace of Fine Arts (cute outfit, by the way)! Ooh, a carnival sounds fun, especially if it has more food. That’s also super cute that you went to Corgi Con! Corgis are such cute dogs!

Aww, Peanut is so cute too. That’s such a pretty cream color on their coat. It’s funny because my friend has a cat named Peanut, and he’s about the same color!

The other things you did sound fun too! I’ve never been to a baseball game, but I imagine it’s still fun to be there with friends and among people who are enthusiastic about the game. And yessss Breath of the Wild is so good. We have the season pass, and I’m trying to get through some other games before I get back into it for the DLC. I loved the game more than I expected to!

Good luck on your job search, and congrats on getting your driver’s license!


Tara wrote on 6th August 2017 at 12:10 AM

Yike. Being sick is never fun 🙁 And the sprained ankle! Sorry to hear you didn’t get the job you really wanted. You’ve had some rough time! X_X;

San Fran’s temperature sounds blissful since it’s been in the high 80s and low 90s here. Oh, how I wish for something under 20 degrees Celsius!

I am loving your photos. They are very picturesque and makes me want to visit there 🙂 The fair looks like a blast, and I WANT THAT CORGI. I cannot believe there’s an actual Corgi Con! I would so go to that 😀 Peanut is adorable. That is a beautiful colour for a hamster. I am melting from the cuteness!

Congrats on your driver’s licence 😀 I am happy for you. Enjoy your time in New York!


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