About Me

Hey there! I’m Olivia, but you might know me better as Liv. I started blogging years ago when I didn’t like my name (don’t we all go through that phase) and the online alias stuck!

I once was a small-town girl from suburban Pennsylvania, then became a sleepless New Yorker, and currently live in San Francisco. I moved here after graduating from New York University in 2017. Since then I’ve managed to cure my sugar addiction and develop a strong tolerance against the cold.

I’m primarily a web & user interface designer, but I love to illustrate and also dabble a bit in game development. I’m currently making an indie game about relationships and slavery!

In my free time you can find me looking silly photographing San Francisco with my iPhone. I’d also like to travel and take photos of things I find. I’ve only been to Canada, China, Mexico, Malaysia, and Singapore. My favorite destination is Hong Kong, and someday I’d love to go to Iceland, Australia, and Japan!

My “symbol” is my pink St. Louis snapback that I got at a conference in Missouri in 2015, because my life coincidentally changed when I started wearing it. However, my style is actually girly. I love earrings and also have a thing for purple hair. If my hair is not purple when you see me, that just means it’s so hard to maintain and you caught me in down season!

Even though I cherish my personal time and love wasting the day away playing RPG video games or watching a heartfelt movie, I’m actually an extrovert and love spending time with people even more, in groups, one-on-one, anything. I’m also a little addicted to social media, but hey I’d love to connect with you!

And of course, I’m a devout follower of Jesus. ✝

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