About @livperspective

Hey there! I’m Olivia, and @livperspective is my blog and online handle.

I once was a small-town girl from suburban Pennsylvania, then became a sleepless New Yorker , and currently live in San Francisco. I moved here after graduating from New York University in 2017.

I’m a designer – visual with a web background and a foreseeable future in interaction design. I loved playing video games and making websites while growing up, so I seek to combine beautiful visuals with technology. In my free time I’m photographing the Californian outdoors to get fresh real life inspiration. Traveling works too! Someday I’d love to go to Portugal, Australia, and Japan.

My brand colors are purple because one time in graduate school I became known for dyeing my hair purple to fulfill a bet. I bring purple hair back for special occasions, but it’s so hard to maintain that most of the time you’ll see me blonde.

Although most of the time I can be found behind a laptop, I’m actually an extrovert and love spending time with people. I’d love to connect with you.

And of course, I’m a devout follower of Jesus. ✝

Website & Credits

Livperspective, Me is running on WordPress and is hosted by A Small Orange. I’m using a theme called “Honey Lavender” that I designed and built myself. All icons, illustrations, and photographs are original unless stated.

This blog has technically been around since 2011 and was previously known as Ethetica.net. Managing a blog taught me web design, code, and got me my first job! Here are the looks through the 7 years before I rebranded to Livperspective, Me. As you can tell I used to be into drawing characters with big eyes, then went through a minimalist & typography phase, until I became more serious about interface design.

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