Let’s Gamify!

I enjoy solo Nintendo and indie games. When I need to relax, there’s always a repetitive mobile game I can turn to. Every few months I’ll handpick a few games that have inspired me.

January 08

2019: Tackling Unwanted Fashion

Dresses? I’m not starting a clothing brand – this is a photo of nine dresses I wore in college. I found them in my house in New York over the holidays, and noticed that they had a few things in common:

They don’t fit me. Either I outgrew them or the style doesn’t fit my body.
They were cheap. Either from a fast fashion brand or from a huge sale.
They’re still “wearable”. I’ll define anything that doesn’t have rips to be wearable.

In 2018, I donated about 60% of my California wardrobe to Read Post

December 12

Accessories Gift Guide: Picks from 10 Conscious Brands

It’s almost Christmas! Looking at me now you probably can’t imagine that I was never into shopping back in the day. I’ve concluded that it’s because everything I could afford on a student budget lost its value quickly. I only bought things on a whim because we’re constantly under pressure by the pace of the market to keep shopping.

For the latter half of this year, I’ve been dedicated to investing my disposable income in conscious brands that do a little something for people, planet, or animals.  The more I buy from these …

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March 24

#MoodBored: The Charleston Charm

Charleston, South Carolina is a city rooted in history and rich in the southern lifestyle, but we need to talk about the princess houses. Let’s take a closer look at them!

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