Launching Livperspective’s Rebrand

February 16, 2018 • Design

In the past month I’ve gotten very little sleep due to how much work it involves to develop a design brand as well as a new direction for this blog. I’m not starting a design business or anything, but I realized the importance of creating a consistent way to present myself as a designer in tech. My launch of Livperspective, Me didn’t make it in time for the first day or month of 2018, but it is Chinese New Year. Happy year of the dog!

Original photo by Mia Baker

The logo design.

Starting with the logo – this blog and my portfolio now have the same logo base “Liv”. I didn’t plan to go with script lettering since I was never good at it back in school, but with handy technology magic, I think it’s looking pretty nifty! Script logos aren’t commonly found in tech, but one of my favorite brands has set the trend.

Brand imagery.

The next step was creating the imagery. This blog has always been photo-heavy, but recent trends are shifting more towards illustration. Almost every design job in San Francisco requires illustration skills now! I won’t be giving up my photography since going outdoors gives me inspiration, so I’m bringing in some organic shapes to create a good balance with illustration. You’ll see some of them throughout different pages.

These are the new icons for my blog categories!

Designs for category icons

Design can be improved through conversation.

Something major coming soon is the tentatively named “Creatives Talk”, where I interview people I know and talk to them about design. I’ve been thinking about how to carry this out for ages, and finally decided on featuring my friends to talk about their creative interests, especially if they do not work in a creative field.

In 2017 I learned that design is often low-priority and at times even a taboo topic. “How can we waste money on making it look good if it doesn’t work well?” Design is a field that needs more conversation and more affirmation – it is important.

I believe good visuals have a huge part to play in how we feel about whether or not something works well. For example, I kept my color palette purple because of my purple hair (it WILL come back), which I know is not too user friendly for people with visual impairment. But I wanted to make it work. I put my design through a black & white filter to test it, and saw a lot of room for improvement in the way I use color.

More contrasting colors for accessibility

I didn’t want to spend months on a whole new theme for the rebrand. Instead I’m focusing on improvement and building on the previous theme “Wildberry Lavender”, turning it into another ice cream name “Honey Lavender”. It’s still a work-in-progress!

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Lastly, while I was working on all of this, a friend (who is not a designer himself) brought up that designers write newsletters, so I should do it too. Well, it’s happening! I’m going to publish a monthly newsletter on what I’ve been working on, along with tips and things I learned. I also want to plug my favorite design (and photography) from people I follow.

Preview of my newsletter

I’d love for you to support my journey and subscribe to me. Your support will also help me curate what to include so that we can all have more inclusivity in design. Let me know in the comments if I have permission to add you to my mailing list!

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8 Comments to "Launching Livperspective’s Rebrand"

Carol wrote on 19th February 2018 at 3:28 PM

omg omg it’s soo cute! I think i saw a preview on instagram? The little animation is so cute! I’m loving the icons!!!!!! <3<3

Where's the subscribe button for your newsletter? I was just happening to work on my blog's rss today, playing around with the options. I was thinking of sending out newsletters too! But i'm never sure of what to write. So it's just simple RSS for now :'D

Please bring back the purple hair too haha


Liv Reply:

Awww thanks! YAY! I will subscribe your email. The sign up button is actually on the homepage, but since you pointed it out I’m gonna add it to this one too. I’m not too sure what to write either, but it’s really a trial and error thing! I’ll send out the first one for this month during the last week.


Georgie wrote on 28th February 2018 at 1:24 AM

It looks really good 😍 I’m very excited to see what more you have in store for your site! I don’t know a lot of designers who also blog and code like you do, so I do admire the way you’ve brought your personality to life on the web. 🙂


Liv Reply:

Thanks Georgie! 🙂 I haven’t met many either, so guess I’ll have to go find ’em.


Cat wrote on 3rd March 2018 at 1:10 PM

Congrats on your re-brand! I think everything looks great! I love the whimsical look of your logo, and it feels like it has its own personality. I also like the clean look of your blog icons. It’s unfortunate that some places still don’t place an importance on design. Sometimes things don’t work well because of the design and improving it can make a big difference. Looking forward to the new things you’re planning!


Liv Reply:

Thank you so much! Something I’m trying out nowadays is adding more “organic” shapes and elements to tech design – which tends to be very clean and straightforward. I initially started with a sans-serif blocky logo, but I like this whimsical look a lot more!


Hiro wrote on 7th March 2018 at 1:01 PM

This is sooo cool. I’ve always loved your portfolio and the little illustrations you had accenting it, and I love the rebrand. I’m definitely a sucker for minimalistic and yet efficient design, and you definitely pull that off!! And yay for accessibility… I think a lot of people haven’t come to realize how important it is yet…! Contrast does wonders…


Liv Reply:

Thanks Hiro! I’ve always enjoyed minimalism in design which is probably why I’m in the tech industry hehe. I’ve also realized that it can sometimes be a bit bland, so my goal is to accent it. (I like the word you used!) XD


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