#LivPlays: Cat Games

December 06, 2016 • Let's Gamify!

I haven’t been able to stick to my goal of playing one indie game a month since the semester began, but I recently submitted my thesis paper! I was able to spend the last weekend getting some really need rest and I played some short games! They have one theme in common: cats. To be honest cats make the most amazing games because they are just so entertaining in the most catty way.


This game is a roughly 15 minutes long exploration with absolutely stunning 8-bit graphics. It’s played in a little square window. You’re a cat who is swimming from island to island, but when you are in the water your field of vision gets smaller and smaller until it’s nothing and you pass out back on land. So you gotta figure out which direction to swim in to reach the next island. You also get to explore caves and temples! The story is absolutely adorable too!

A collection of screenshots from Meow.

Meow can be found for free for Mac and PC on itch.io, a game marketplace for independent game designers to upload their games. Go support these soon-to-be famous awesome talents!

Super Cat Tales

If you’re interested in Super Mario, this is the game for you. The game is completely based on Mario gameplay where you traverse from level to level then world to world avoiding enemies and collecting coins.

Kitty on a side-scroll platformer.

Because you play as a cat, you have cat mechanics! You are able to climb walls and jump from wall to wall!

Kitty swimming … I didn’t know cats could swim.

My favorite part is that you unlock different cats as you go through the levels and each of them has a special ability that will help you collect secret treasure. One cat may be adept at climbing, another at charging, and another at swimming!

Kitty climbing a wall.

Super Cat Tales is available for free for iOS.

Catlateral Damage

I still remember when this game was just a demo, about two years ago. It can be renamed to cat simulator. The only purpose of the game is to knock over objects in your human’s house. Now I understand why cats do this. It’s really fun to make a mess!

You get to choose the cat you want to cause damage with!

Unfortunately this game gives me motion sickness for some reason. I was playing it and felt so nauseous that I had to stop. I don’t usually play first-person games but this is the first time a game has made me feel physically ill. I took a shower and went to bed immediately and woke up feeling better. Maybe it’s just my tendency to get motion sick?

There are apparently different settings you can destroy!

Catlateral Damage is available on Steam for Mac and PC for $10. I’m glad I got it for free in a bundle though!

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4 Comments to "#LivPlays: Cat Games"

Tara wrote on 7th December 2016 at 5:24 AM

Woot for cat games 😀 The graphics are adorable, and they give me fond memories of the older games I’ve played.

I can’t do first-person POV games at all. I’ve never liked them. Doom or whatever really frustrated me because I could never get my bearings and would just get LOST. Even with driving games, if they had the first-person POV view, I couldn’t handle it. I always prefer the third-person POV with whatever games I played. About the only first-person POV game I didn’t mind were the Phoenix Wright series.

Thanks for sharing these games, though 🙂 They are not the kind of games I’d personally play, but I can see why they appeal to some people 😀


Elisa (Alice B) wrote on 9th December 2016 at 1:08 AM

cat games! i’ve never heard any of these! i don’t usually play mobile or 8bit games (at least not anymore) so it’s not a surprise that i don’t know any of these. i play indie games but they’re not 8-bit hehe. for some reason, even though i respect the art of 8-bit, i don’t find myself playing 8bit games anymore. i think it’s because i’m all about the HD HQ motion capture graphics kind of crap :))


Michelle wrote on 20th December 2016 at 5:19 PM

Cute games <3


Liz wrote on 22nd December 2016 at 7:25 PM



I legit smile-O’d when I caught a glimpse of this post’s title.

BECAUSE CAT GAMES. When I get a computer of my own again, I will def be getting the computer games. (Because CAT GAMES.)

Thank you for sharing. 💖

I used to get sick on The Sims Theme Park roller coasters (video game). The controller would vibrate, and it’d be cool, but ahhh.


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