OOTD: Halloween in San Fransokyo

November 07, 2017 • Beauty & Fashion

I’m a little late, but happy belated Halloween from San Fransokyo! I had a lot going on in October and fell behind with posting. Somehow Halloween was approaching and I had no costume! I usually do DIY costumes by using existing clothes or buying new pieces that can be worn later, so I spent one night Googling every female character from a video game or Disney/Pixar movie (last year I was Serena from Pokemon X/Y). The winner was Honey Lemon, from Big Hero 6!

Honey Lemon on the streets of San Fransokyo

Have you seen Big Hero 6 before? I’ve seen it twice, both times on one rental. My guy friends from back in New York hosted a party for us girls two years ago with a Big Hero 6 theme – it was the first party with my friends I ever attended, so the movie has a place in my heart. I decided to take advantage of my location this year because the movie is set in San Fransokyo, a modern Japanese version of San Francisco. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, check out the Golden Gate Bridge redesigned with the Japanese shrine gate!

San Fransokyo as seen on the French poster.

When I told friends that I was attending our Halloween event and party as Honey Lemon, one of them decided to join me and ordered a Baymax costume.  Once that happened we were determined to complete the gang with Hiro (main character), GoGo, Wasabi, and Fred, but we couldn’t round up people in time. I still brought Baymax to take photos with me in Haight Ashbury, a neighborhood in San Francisco where Hiro’s house is actually based on! Check out a comparison of my friend in real life (top) and Baymax in the movie (bottom)!

Baymax in San Francisco VS Baymax in San Fransokyo

It was incredibly fun to take these photos – a bunch of passerbys took selfies with Baymax, and my friend even managed to stop a tour bus. I guess the tourists were really excited to actually see Baymax in his home turf. 

Honey Lemon was less recognizable – one woman said her son knows who I am and asked for a photo – but a lot of people, including my friends, thought I just decided to dress up really cute for the day until I told them I’m not that dramatic.  However, they’re right. I did put a lot of thought into putting together this costume, so the rest of this post will be an OOTD!

OOTD: Honey Lemon

Luckily I have ash blonde hair right now, so that was already taken care of! I had to buy the rest of the pieces, so I tried my best to consider quality, comfort, pricing, as well as reuse.

Honey Lemon outfit pieces

  1. I bought the dress first to test out colors. There were a lot of options that were either too long, too tight-looking, or with a completely different neckline. I chose a $5 option in case I had to buy a replacement. I turned out to be too long and loose at the bottom, but I bought some clothing tape to shorten it. That’s why in my photos the bottom of the dress is rounded.
  2. I picked a yellow sweater that was longer and darker than the dress. I kept it cheap as well, so it wasn’t very comfortable.
  3. White leggings – nothing special there!
  4. Yellow headband – I managed to find the color inside a package of many colors.
  5. Large pink frames – I think they’re meant to be protective glasses, which is why they do have glass. Even though they was non-prescriptive, they hurt my eyes a bit if I wore them for too long.
  6. The yellow sandals were the most expensive part of my costume at $37. I chose not to copy the heels because my ankle is still pretty fragile. I could’ve gone with cheaper options for flats, but I chose this one because it looked like it had more support. The shoes turned out to be excellent.

As for makeup, I looked up online tutorials on Honey Lemon’s makeup. Most of them were about how to make eyes seem bigger for the cartoonish look. Some girls even wore fake lashes, but I didn’t want that stuck in my eye for two days so I passed.  Let me take this chance to plug some products!

Honey Lemon makeup

  • Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Cushion: I got this baby in Hong Kong, and while cushions used to make zero sense to me, now say it’s a miracle color control product and makes my skin look so soft and clean.
  • Etude House Look-at-my-eyes Eye Shadow: A steal with the perfect shade that enhances my eyelids which often like to hide.
  • Nature Republic Botanical Liquid Liner: Everything’s tiny, from the brush to the amount of product. It’s great for drawing precise wings. For Honey Lemon’s look I drew quite dramatic wings.
  • Tony Moly Gel Liner: I don’t usually line the bottom of my eye, but did it this time to enhance my eye even more. I’m not too big on gel liner because it’s hard for me to draw clean lines with them but they’re great for lining the bottom!
  • Nature Republic Glossy Lipstick: My favorite lipstick that I’ve carried with me for a year now, which means I will have to toss it soon. The shade exactly matches Honey Lemon’s glasses!

Honey Lemon and Baymax

That will be all from Honey Lemon! I hope you had a great Halloween, and stay tuned as I continue to rebrand this blog to feature perhaps some of my friends and their stories.

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5 Comments to "OOTD: Halloween in San Fransokyo"

Elise wrote on 8th November 2017 at 9:56 AM

omg this is so cute! you did such a good job at the costume and also the photo location. it’d be cool to have the whole gang though, right (even tadashi, brb crying)


Cat wrote on 8th November 2017 at 1:36 PM

You look so cute as Honey Lemon! That’s such a good idea to dress as her, especially living in SF 🙂 Your outfit and make-up look great. That’s too bad many people didn’t realize you were Honey Lemon, but I would have recognized you if I saw you!

haha, I like that your friend matched you with Baymax. I’ve actually thought about cosplaying Honey Lemon or GoGo before. I also think that’s a good idea to get shoes that are comfortable to you instead of being totally accurate. I wore heels for a cosplay once, and now I never do it again! I’d rather be a little inaccurate on that!


Tara wrote on 10th November 2017 at 8:27 PM

Oh, the costume is such a good idea and it’s so simple! And the fact that it’s Big Hero 6!!! Eee! I adore that movie so much! It would have been cool to gather the whole gang up! Shame it didn’t happen, but at least you had Baymax with you! Ahhh, with the location, this was the perfect costume for you! So clever!


Liz wrote on 16th November 2017 at 12:31 AM

Ooh—I like how you DIY your costumes! I never thought of buying clothes I could wear at a later date. I stopped dressing up when I felt like I was too old for trick-or-treating (or just got tired of it in general), but couldn’t justify paying so much for a costume I’d wear but once. I do feel like I could be a flamingo (lol), because my “rest position” is my knee and ankle being next to each other (like a flamingo…). It’s embarrassing, though, because I’m not conscious of when I do it in public…

Your Honey Lemon looks so on point! I love it! <3 I watched Big Hero 6 on cable when it aired on the movie channels! Then I cried, because OMG SO SAD. I think it was also on Netflix, maybe? And I watched it there…and cried again.


Senyth wrote on 16th November 2017 at 9:43 AM

Aweeee, this is so cute! I love that the costume isn’t so crazy, you can actually just wear the dress casually which is practical for me.

Your costume is actually on point. It’s the thought/effort that matters, right? And going DIY is a clever move rather than buying stuff that you would only wear once or twice — useless clutter.

This post has such a happy vibe because of yellow! 🙂


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