The Story

This blog has been around for just over 6 years. I don’t exactly remember why I started a public blog when I didn’t enjoy sharing things back then, but I’m sure it was one of the reasons I was able to keep going during my years of struggling with my identity. I give so much credit to this blog for teaching me web development to get my first job!

Ethetica is just a fancy schmancy word I came up with in my artsy college days and I still like it. Old entries aren’t around anymore mainly because I don’t even see half of things the way I do now. Today, I write to encourage my readers by being as honest and open as I can.

I want to keep my blog a friendly place. Most common topics are about my life, my travels, and games I play under my gamertag AgithaHime. Your viewpoints do not necessarily have to match mine and I invite you into commenting from your heart.

Here’s a compilation of how has evolved in the last 6 years. As you can tell I used to be into drawing characters with big eyes then went through a minimalist / typography phase, until I became more serious about interface design. The current theme is called Wildberry Lavender!

Themes of

I’ve always always been running on my first love WordPress. I was hosted by my friend Megori at Tetsunosuke for over three years until I bought my own hosting at A Small Orange. I strongly recommend them!


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