#MoodBored: The Charleston Charm

March 24, 2018 • Travel Stories

Even though I’m a native East Coaster, I’ve never actually been anywhere between Washington D.C. and Florida. Last week I changed that and visited Charleston, a charming little city in South Carolina. I really needed a break from my work routine and so did one of my good friends, so we put together a short trip inspired by Julia Engel.

#MoodBored is a new idea I’m trying to share photos more efficiently. I use a play on the phrase “mood board” since Charleston is super picturesque and I have more photos than you’d want to scroll through in one blog post.  Instead, I created some diptychs and collages to present the mood of my trip. #MoodBored captures how I feel before going on trips.

the pineapple fountain in Waterfront Park

Charleston is a tiny peninsula city surrounded by parks on the water. The port areas reminded me a lot of San Diego due to the seaside vibe and climate. The weather was beautiful – springish, and not the chilly type like San Francisco. Finally getting some sunshine made me happy.

trying to match Rainbow Row

The most charming part of Charleston is the the colonial / Georgian style architecture, which I found to be an AMAZING backdrop for photos of people. The most well-known of them all is Rainbow Row, a cluster of buildings painted pastel. I’m bad at modeling but wanted to take advantage of the location to capture some photography in my aesthetic. I was wearing pink and white just for the photo!

featuring one of my fave models

I had a lot of fun working with the gorgeous backdrops myself. My favorite is one of a yellow house with floral displays hung on the windowsill. There’s just something so quaint about this scene.

The Mills House Hotel

I heard there was a huge pink building in the middle of downtown, and we found it just by walking because the city is really tiny! I love The Mills House Hotel not because the color is a calm shade of pink, but because of the decorative and minimalistic design. I recently upgraded to iPhone 8+, so I could zoom in and capture it from many different angles.

paint it … pink? orange? blue?

Another famous pink house is the closed Pink House Gallery, which sits on a cobblestone street and looks like it belongs in Europe. It makes sense since the neighborhood’s called the French Quarter. I noticed a lot of other houses designed in the same style, but painted different colors.

boarded house collection

Even in less fancy neighborhoods, there are unique houses to be found. I saw a pink one that looks like the dollhouse from 13 Going on 30, a gray one where the front looks like the side of a house instead, and a yellow one with a “porch door”. I didn’t understand what the door is for since the it doesn’t serve a purpose, but it’s a quite common design in Charleston. 

mirror image

Here’s a a twin house with one side that reflects and also contrasts the other, because it looks like it doesn’t have inhabitants.

a little princess house at Battery Park

Lastly, my favorite house is this one because of the bay windows and patterned balconies. What’s your favorite style?

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9 Comments to "#MoodBored: The Charleston Charm"

cantaloupe wrote on 25th March 2018 at 1:51 AM

I remember that yellow house with the porch door and I remember loving it. I also saw a black man on a ladder painting one of those white houses and it was the best moment to capture for the contrast. He was wearing white too and it was like, “you staged this, right?” Charleston is definitely the best for photos!


Liv Reply:



Georgie wrote on 25th March 2018 at 4:23 AM

I don’t know what it is but the last one appeals to me for some reason. When I was a kid I imagined really nice houses to be like that, and I saw it like that in all the movies. Being from Australia, seeing anything like that in real life was impossible – as we don’t have houses that look like that. It almost seemed like a dream.

I don’t like the colour pink, but I haven’t seen any pink houses in my lifetime or where I’ve travelled to, so I think non-traditional colours of houses would be really interesting to see (and I’d be taking photos of them too).


Liv Reply:

Really?? I actually know a Sydney-based Instagrammer who only takes photos of colorful houses in Sydney! 🙂 You should check her out and see if you recognize any of the places – then again a lot of photographers are known for magically changing their photos. (I do it to mine XD)



Georgie Reply:

Woah. I just had a look at them, and no… there’s no way any of those are in Sydney. I recognise the ones by the beach, and they’re definitely Bondi Beach, but even those ones are also heavily edited. 😉 The location does say Sydney but the majority of them don’t look like they are in Sydney at all, even if they were edited. They are beautiful photos, but it also looks like some of her photos are different ones of the same building. My assumption is that she might be based in Sydney but travels a lot (because I did catch a few that seemed to be from SF). Sorry to disappoint you with how drab Sydney actually is 😜


Cat wrote on 27th March 2018 at 8:31 PM

I hadn’t really thought of visiting South Carolina, but Charleston looks so charming! I love how colorful the buildings are and that old colonial style. I’d probably have a lot of fun taking photos there, and I can see how they’d be amazing backdrops for photoshoots. I love the houses and buildings you captured!


Liv Reply:

You should make a Charleston-Savannah-Atlanta trip, if you ever want to do a photoshoot with the Southern charm background!


Tara wrote on 15th April 2018 at 6:27 PM

Charleston is not a place I’d ever considered visiting, but your photos and post is making me want to! I would love to see the colonial/Georgian architectures there. I know nothing about them, but I can certainly appreciate them! I will definitely make a note of Rainbow Row :3

So many pink houses! I would never want to live in one, but it certainly makes more good photo shoots :3 And that porch door . . . is unusual? I am not sure what its use is, either, but surely there is one XD;;;

I have no favourite, but I like all of them. They are interesting architectures, and they remind me of the buildings I saw in Hakodate!

Thanks for sharing these photos!


Claudine wrote on 2nd June 2018 at 8:50 AM

I’ve been to South Carolina for a short time but I’ve never been to Charleston. This place is so gorgeous and I just love all the colors and designs of the buildings <3 I'll probably go and snap to my heart's content (or maybe take self-portraits too) if I see a scene as pretty as this! <3

My favorite design is the last one! Haha back during the days when I played Sims, I wanted to create a house that looked like that, but I'm just not good at building stuff lol!


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