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Even though I’m a native East Coaster, I’ve never actually been anywhere between Washington D.C. and Florida. Last week I changed that and visited Charleston, a charming little city in South Carolina. I really needed a break from my work routine and so did one of my good friends, so we put together a short trip inspired by Julia Engel.

#MoodBored is a new idea I’m trying to share photos more efficiently. I use a play on the phrase “mood board” since Charleston is super picturesque and I have more photos than you’d want to scroll through in one blog post.  Instead, I created some diptychs and collages to present the mood of my trip. #MoodBored captures how I feel before going on trips.

the pineapple fountain in Waterfront Park

Charleston is a tiny peninsula city surrounded by parks on the water. The port areas reminded me a lot of San Diego due to the seaside vibe and climate. The weather was beautiful – springish, and not the chilly type like San Francisco. Finally getting some sunshine made me happy.

trying to match Rainbow Row

The most charming part of Charleston is the the colonial / Georgian style architecture, which I found to be an AMAZING backdrop for photos of people. The most well-known of them all is Rainbow Row, a cluster of buildings painted pastel. I’m bad at modeling but wanted to take advantage of the location to capture some photography in my aesthetic. I was wearing pink and white just for the photo!

featuring one of my fave models

I had a lot of fun working with the gorgeous backdrops myself. My favorite is one of a yellow house with floral displays hung on the windowsill. There’s just something so quaint about this scene.

The Mills House Hotel

I heard there was a huge pink building in the middle of downtown, and we found it just by walking because the city is really tiny! I love The Mills House Hotel not because the color is a calm shade of pink, but because of the decorative and minimalistic design. I recently upgraded to iPhone 8+, so I could zoom in and capture it from many different angles.

paint it … pink? orange? blue?

Another famous pink house is the closed Pink House Gallery, which sits on a cobblestone street and looks like it belongs in Europe. It makes sense since the neighborhood’s called the French Quarter. I noticed a lot of other houses designed in the same style, but painted different colors.

boarded house collection

Even in less fancy neighborhoods, there are unique houses to be found. I saw a pink one that looks like the dollhouse from 13 Going on 30, a gray one where the front looks like the side of a house instead, and a yellow one with a “porch door”. I didn’t understand what the door is for since the it doesn’t serve a purpose, but it’s a quite common design in Charleston. 

mirror image

Here’s a a twin house with one side that reflects and also contrasts the other, because it looks like it doesn’t have inhabitants.

a little princess house at Battery Park

Lastly, my favorite house is this one because of the bay windows and patterned balconies. What’s your favorite style?

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