Old Seaport Alliance



The Old Seaport Alliance is a neighborhood association that promotes small businesses in South Street Seaport, NYC. They needed to develop a digital presence for their community, and worked with us during my time at North Street Creative. The visual designers worked on the creative direction and website concept, then I architected the user flow of the pages, prototyped the interface, and designed the mobile interface. View live.

Design Goals

How can we create an interactive online presence that highlights the commerce, independent businesses, and community programs to users.

In order to promote business, having a separate navigation for pages about commerce/programs VS. pages with information about the organization was crucial. Call-to-action pages are highlighted by buttons on the homepage.

The navigation was designed mobile-first to clearly define the hierarchy of the links and resemble an elegant menu when it slides out. It was then translated onto desktop view. Additional links appear on desktop view for easier access.

By default, interior pages have very minimalized layouts, to give more attention to business listings with media.

The business listings layout fills a 3-column grid and is very media heavy. The individual business pages use a 1 x 2 x 2 grid that divides the content into a category sidebar (left), content (middle), and photograph and map location (right).

Full view of single page layout

The other type of listing layout is for names of partners, directors, etc. of the organization. This layout is completely minimized down to text in a grid.

Lastly, I built the user interface in HTML/CSS to freely design the way the content is presented on mobile screens.

Full view of homepage
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